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Ice Silk Men's Leopard Thong

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Find the Leopard Print Men’s Thongs for Unique Style Quotient

Find the best quality leopard print man thong with its slim V-shaped back and the front pouch has been invoked by our swimwear originator. An innovative interpretation of the men’s thong offering solace and style in a modern cut makes this originator swim thong an unquestionable requirement for the men. The men's swim thong is filling in notoriety and keeps on being worn by challenging as a swimwear decision.

Generally coming in two distinct flavours with a T or a V back style. Our shaped front pocket is an upgrading highlight implemented by our originator to improve the attack of the thong as opposed to smooth it. The men’s leopard thongs and scanty ordinarily swim thongs will blow some people's minds on the beach without a doubt. On the off chance that this leopard swimming thong isn't however you would prefer, examine some additional swimming thongs in our scope of men's swimming thongs.


    • Made out of super cool and breathable  ice silk fabric ,the underwear is ultimate lightweight and breathable that you cannot miss! 
    • 5 Perfect Benefits in details:


    • 1. Slim waistband - Elastic  ,very breathable and  super soft

      2. The best men's pouch - On the market designed to isolate the male package reducing chafe and sticking

      3. No ride-up - due to the special designed inner panels made of ultra-smooth fabric.

      4. Ice silk material- Antibacterial 2-way stretch, lightweight, soft as silk, feel like no skin .

    • 5. Incredibly comfort -  This supports the body's natural thermal regulation mechanism, keeping your skin feeling pleasantly cool and dry throughout the day and night.


      Why The Versaley Underwear?

              Frontal Support Pouch
             ✓ Sexy Skimpy transparent design
             ✓ Traceless technology construction and fabric
             ✓ No ride-ups, No Wedgies.
              Antimicrobial and anti-odor
             ✓ Moisture-Absorbing
             ✓ Machine wash cold