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Micro Modal Low Rise Trunk

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Discover the Men’s Low Rise Trunks Online

Men’s Low rise trunks have been the latest trend under the jeans and pants as any kind of bottoms that you can think of. Underwear is  the best for this trend. For one thing, it has to maintain with the rise of whatever people are wearing, but it also is much more important when people are wearing their underwear. Trunks are the natural for the lower rise trunks because they are perfectly designed with short legs. The more minimal design hits underneath your waistline, so it decreases the presence of "stomach cushions" that are regularly misrepresented by versatile belts. The more limited legs likewise cause your legs to show up longer. It's an incredible look on practically every person, and the pattern doesn't appear to be going anyplace any time soon.

Love a clothing that can be exhausted regular or in on a stormy, sluggish Saturday morning for relaxing? Men’s low rise trunks offer a similar fit as a fighter brief yet have an all the more square plan with more limited legs. The short leg lengths of mens trunks settle on them an incredible clothing decision when wearing loose or even fitted jeans.

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    Made out of super smooth and soft MicroModal fabric ,the underwear is ultimate lightweight and breathable that you cannot miss! 

     5 Perfect Benefits in details:


    1. Low Rise Waistband - Stay-put elastic waistband featured with low rise and delicate knitted logo is designed to freely show off when your upper clothes go up.

    2. The best men's pouch - On the market designed to isolate the male package reducing chafe and sticking

    3. No ride-up - due to the special designed inner panels made of ultra-smooth fabric.

    4. Luxury Micro Modal Fabric - With super smooth and soft MicroModal fabric, the underwear is ultimate lightweight and breathable that you cannot miss. Try them on, you will never want to wear others.

    5. Smart No-wedgie Design Improved One-piece clean cut overall enables the ultimate underwear being no wedgies in the back to avoid embarrassed adjustment.

    Ultra soft Miro Modal underwear made by 92% Micro Modal and 8% Spandex. 

    Why The Versaley Underwear?

            Frontal Support Pouch
           ✓ Traceless technology construction and fabric
           ✓ No ride-ups, No Wedgies.
            Antimicrobial and anti-odor
           ✓ Moisture-Absorbing
           ✓ Machine wash cold