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Micro Modal Newest Magnetic Therapy Men's Trunk

Size Guide

  • Build with Top Micro-magnetic material ,this  Magnetic Therapy Men's Trunk will release 90NT weak magnetic induction ,which is very good for men's health !
  • Perfect Benefits in details:

  • 1. Multiple energy magnets- Release magnetic energy.

    2. Magic Pounch- Designed based on male's anatomy - two separated pouches for each private parts;prevent from stickness and friction to keep you dry and fresh all day

    3. Tourmaline mineral coating - Release nagatice ions ,more clarity to reduce odor.

    4. Luxury Magnetic Modal Fabric - Which release beneficial infrared light waves  ,and also the underwear is ultimate lightweight and breathable that you cannot miss. Try them on, you will never want to wear others.

    5. Smart No-wedgie Design Improved One-piece clean cut overall enables the ultimate underwear being no wedgies in the back to avoid embarrassed adjustment.

    Ultra soft Miro Modal underwear made by 92% Micro Modal and 8% Spandex. 

    Why The Versaley Underwear?

            Frontal Support Pouch
           ✓ Traceless technology construction and fabric
           ✓ No ride-ups, No Wedgies.
            Antimicrobial and anti-odor
           ✓ Moisture-Absorbing
           ✓ Machine wash cold